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Welcome to the OMA Sub Hub! 

Thank you for your interest in working as a sub in Montessori schools in Oregon. By providing coverage in classrooms and/or support staff positions, subs play a vital role in our school communities. We truly can’t do this work without you! We’re so glad you’re here.

OMA’s Sub Hub acts as a tool to connect substitute teachers with regional Montessori schools in need of substitutes. Enrolled subs gain access to a dynamic calendar and listserv to learn about upcoming subbing opportunities.


OMA does not act as a contractor, joint employer, staffing agency, or placement agency as defined under state, federal, or other relevant law in connection with the services provided by Sub Hub. Use of the OMA Sub Hub does not guarantee employment.

Sub Hub Enrollment Process

We invite you to complete the enrollment form to join our Sub Hub once you are “ready to work,” meaning:

1) You are enrolled in the Oregon Central Background Registry, or CBR.


Please note that CBR application processing time can take several weeks, so do not delay this step! You may apply to the Sub Hub before your CBR is complete, but you must provide a CBR application date and status.

2) You have completed all trainings required by the state of Oregon (view checklist).

Our enrollment form will ask for proof of all certifications and trainings, as well as other relevant information about your experience, availability, and interest. Please note that the Sub Hub currently only supports Montessori schools in Oregon state.

After you submit the Sub Hub Enrollment Form, you will:

  • Be given access to our password-protected Sub Portal, where you will be able to view jobs, find school contact information, review training and orientation materials, and view checklists of necessary documents to gather in preparation for your first day at a school

  • Be contacted with information about Subbing in Montessori, an optional Zoom training that we offer for anyone new to working in Montessori classrooms

  • Be added to our Sub Hub listserv, which schools will use to notify all subs of last-minute coverage needs

  • Be added to a sub list on our password-protected school administrators page, where school administrators can view your credentials and have the option to contact you directly

Sub Hub Enrollment Form

Please have all certification and training documents ready, as you will need to submit completion dates, expiration dates, and/or registry numbers. Note, if your CBR application is still in progress, you may enter your application date and status. All other trainings must be completed before Sub Hub enrollment.

Enrollment Process

Information for Schools

Use of the Sub Hub is a membership benefit offered to all OMA Member Schools.

Ready to join? Opt in here!

Already enrolled? Click here for admin access.

Inside a Montessori classroom:

What do subs do in Montessori schools? Click here to learn more: Substitute Position Overview.

The videos below give a glimpse into an average day in a Montessori classroom. Click here to explore more videos about Montessori education.
Infant/Toddler Classroom
Primary Classroom
Toddler Classroom
Elementary Classroom
Sub Job Description
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