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THEME: Teaching in the Time of COVID

DUE: January 10, 2022


Living through a global pandemic has required educators and children alike to adapt, be resilient, and discover new ways to be together in community. At the same time, the human tendencies haven't changed, and the internal momentum of growth and development have continued to propel the children forward through it all. For our upcoming Forza Vitale! - Winter Edition, we invite educators from all walks to reflect on how their practice of guiding and supporting children has changed - or not - through this time of COVID. Some reflection questions to consider:

  • How have you had to adapt your classroom practices over time? How has your classroom culture shifted as a result?

  • What elements of practice (for example, food prep) did you need to eliminate in the early days of the pandemic, and how (if at all) have you begun to reincorporate those elements?

  • How have the human tendencies continued to shine through, in spite of it all?

  • In what ways have your children surprised you?

  • What hasn't changed in your classroom or teaching practices, despite COVID?

  • What changes born of COVID times will you continue to embrace as we move forward?

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