Challenges Parents May Face

Parenting Articles of Interest – to help with common challenges parents encounter

5 Ways to Build Bonds with your Children

Visit Generation Next, out of Australia, and revisit some ideas about bonding and building a supportive relationship with your child – now and for years to come.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

“‘But, Sammy’s mother lets them eat ice cream for breakfast.’  One of our parenting and teaching challenges is to explain the rules, not only in our own homes and classrooms, but in those places where we have no control…”

Read more about gracefully handling “rules” in different environments.
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Gaining Cooperation

“‘How many times have I told you…?’  How would you complete the sentence?  Perhaps one or several of these – Shut the door.  Remember your lunch.  Wash your hands.  Set the table for dinner.  Walk in the house.  The list goes on and on.
When we feel that our children are not listening to us … we need to come up with some new strategies.”

Read about ways to create peaceful cooperation.  Download PRC Gaining Cooperation

Preventing Tantrums

“Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ in regards to fire prevention.  If you’ve ever experienced a full-fledged tantrum, you see how this advice might apply to tantrums.
What we need is preventative parenting – the art of being able to say ‘yes’ more often while gaining cooperation.  Here are a few ideas to get everyone to say ‘yes.’…”

Read about planning a positive approach to challenges.
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Understanding Core Emotions

In her book, Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin asks the question – What does an animal need to be happy?  … Grandin says that to create optimum situations for animals we have to start with the animals’ emotions.  If we get the emotions right, we’ll have fewer problem behaviors…”

Read about the link between emotions and behavior.
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Wants Versus Needs

“To live is to consume.  The first definition of consume is ‘to eat, drink, or ingest.’  Consumption is about taking care of hunger or thirst.  The second definition is ‘to buy.’  The third is, ‘to use up.’
Modern consumption is more about buying than eating or using things up…”

Read more about balancing and recognizing wants versus needs.
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