Preparation of the home

  1. Preparing the Environment Insights from long-time Montessori writer and innovator, Susan Mayclin Stephenson, about what your child really wants for the holidays and how best to prepare your home.  This article is provided by Michael Olaf Montessori
  2. The Relationship of Responsibility and Independence An article by Jeffrey Friedman discussing the development of independence and increasing levels of responsibility, which allow “the child is to construct himself – a person oriented to his environment, and adapted to his particular time, place and culture.”  Appropriate responsibilties for children are described for ages 2 through 6.
  3. A Mom’s Montessori Moment David Ayer relays a story of one Mom’s special experience with her children’s growing independence.
  4. Aravelo Parenting – a resource for parents to attend classes and schedule personal consultations.  The Montessori Way: A guide for new parents, a parent education curriculum established to meet the needs of new families right from the start for children’s optimal development.   Based on the principles of Montessori education for ages birth to three and the traditional practice of infant massage you will find Arevalo Parenting a great resource.
  5. Montessori At Home – Preparing a Supportive Environment.  Read this article by Laurie Adams, Toddler Guide from Vancouver Montessori School, and feel inspired to arrange your home environment to honor the young child.