Articles by Topic

Welcome to the OMA Parent Resource Center filled with articles about your child’s development.  Be sure to visit the Archives of our Forza Vitale! articles, written by local Montessorians, these columns offer insights into development needs and abilities, as well as Montessori practice.

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Life At Home

  1. Preparation of the home and the child’s participation in family life
  2. Fostering independence, e.g. dressing/undressing
  3. Developing skills to care for self, e.g. use of the toilet
  4. Food and meals
  5. Holidays and birthdays
  6. Handling transitions
  7. Media culture

Understanding the child, his development and behaviors

  1. Discipline – rewards and punishment
  2. Setting limits and establishing freedoms
  3. Handling challenging behaviors

In a Montessori School

  1. What is Montessori?
  2. Creativity and the arts
  3. Contemporary research and readings
  4. Preparing for school and support you can offer from home
  5. Outcomes – the Montessori “graduate
  6. Elementary Montessori

Parents and the School

  1. How to choose a Montessori school
  2. Relationship between parents and school