Toddler Assistant

School Name: Vancouver Montessori

School Location: Vancouver, Washington

Vancouver Montessori School has two Toddler Community Classrooms and four Children’s House Classrooms. Our well established AMI Toddler Community operate a year-round program with a maximum of 14 toddlers(ages 1-) 2.5 with one AMI trained Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher, and two Assistants. Each adult’s purposeful focus is on assisting and nurturing the children’s developmental needs and desire for functional independence.

Assistants support the work of the teacher and follow her for guidance for overall classroom tone, management, expectations and limits.

Collaboratively, all adults interact with the children, assist them with their daily work/activities, bathroom and toileting needs, social and emotional awareness/graces, self-care, first aid, food preparation and clean up, general classroom tidying and support of the environment.

This position will also be responsible for the duties and expectations of the afterschool program, as well as working until close of business.

Successful applicants will have natural desire to work with toddlers, be able to adapt to changing needs of children and classroom dynamics, be patient and gentle while being consistent and firm when appropriate, work collaboratively while offering initiative, and be willing to understand children and their needs from a non-traditional view point. Lots of smiles, laughter and hugs are part of the daily routine. Reliability and punctuality are imperative.

Required before starting: a cleared background check through Washington State MERIT, as well as a negative TB test prior to starting.

All other state requirements can be attained within 30 days of hire.

The hours will look like Monday-Friday 8-5p but may change with the classroom need.
Salary is based on qualifications and experience, ranging from $13.50-$15.

This position requires at least 1 year as a lead teacher, or two years as an assistant teacher in a toddler program, and the ability to work with parents in a kind and respectful manner throughout the day. Please only send a resume if you meet the requirements of the position. An AMI or AMS trained primary or infant/toddler trained teacher can waive the classroom experience requirements.

This position offers paid sick time based on Washington State accrual, and 6 paid holidays, as well as health benefits on the first of the month following the probationary 60 days.

One position begins July 2019, and the second position begins August 19th, 2019.

If this sounds like the perfect job, please answer the following questions in the body of your email to us, and attach your current resume.

1. What do you know and understand about Montessori philosophy
2. What draws you to this position
3. What type of working environment would be your “perfect” fit
4. What skills will you bring with you
5. Name one thing you love to do outside of work.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $13.50 to $15.50 /hour DOE


Please send your resume and responses to the above questions to