Seeking Primary Guide

School Name: The Earth Tortoise School

School Location: Portland, OR

The Earth Tortoise School is a Montessori progam in the Lents neighborhood of SE Portland serving infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We are looking for a Montessori Accredited Primary (3-6) Guide to join our little community.

A little bit about us:
The Earth Tortoise School opened in East Portland in 2010. Over the past 10 years we have cultivated a beautiful community of children, teachers, and families. We work hard to cultivate supportive relationships that help everyone feel like the school is an extention of their home and family. The families have always been kind, generous, and supportive. Our staff is educated, experienced, and passionate. We truly care about one another. We are passionate about the Montessori philosophy and curriculum, our guiding principles being: 1) to follow the child and 2) to support the whole child. To this end, we always have goals for the children in mind but the path to achieving these goals is flexible, individually paced and always approached with love, warmth and compassion. Cultivating a love of learning about the world and a sense of self-mastery are our ultimate goals for all the children. We deeply value art, nature appreciation, and a love for humanity. It is our conscious intention to create a daily experience that includes these elements as much as the traditional Montessori curriculum areas. In addition, The Earth Tortoise School is a bilingual community, with both an English speaking and Spanish speaking guide in each classoom.

Our vision for the Primary Guide:
Because our Primary program is brand new, because of the new expectations surrounding hygiene and sanitation due to the COVID 19 pandemic, because we value the experiences and input from all the Montessori affiliations, and because we want to make a Montessori education accessible to a wide variety of populations, our staff needs to be flexible, easy going, understanding and compassionate. They are organized, focused, self-driven, and efficient. A sense of humor always helps. They also need to be responsible, dependable and punctual. As our program evolves and grows continually more enriched, the ability to communicate and plan together clearly, effectively and with empathy with staff and administration is of utmost importance. And, in turn, we are decicated to supporting you in working together with the staff, developing the classroom and program, and evolving as an educator and caregiver.

• Montessori Credential at the Primary Level required
• 3-5 Years of in-classroom experience strongly preferred
• Paid Time Off, Paid School Closures, Medical and Dental Insurance, financial supports for Professional Development, and discounted tuition are offered
• Competitive pay is based on Education and Experience


If you are interested in learning more, please contact us with an introductory letter and resume at:

Maya Bowen
(503) 257-4783