Job Announcement: Director of Curriculum & Instruction

School Name: Community Roots School

School Location: Silverton, Oregon

The Community Roots School
Silverton, OR

Job Title: Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Reports To: Executive Director

Position Summary:
The Director of Curriculum & Instruction is an educational leader who focuses on day-to-day implementation of the curriculum and works formally and informally with Guides to support and improve their instructional practices and adherence to the Montessori curriculum.  The Director will oversee the development of all curricular initiatives, student assessments and related data analysis.

The Director of Curriculum & Instruction is a member of the leadership team and will participate in school-wide decision-making, strategic planning, and educational program design.

-Instructional Leadership
-Directs the school’s professional growth program, including monthly professional development workshops and gatherings.
-Works with guides and Director to develop and promote professional growth plans.
-Evaluates and works to improve teaching through classroom visits, discussions with teachers, and other methods that are fair, consistent and inclusive.
-Provides routine Coaching Support to each guide
-Facilitates Child Study & Lesson Study to support the success of every child.
-Supports EER Strategic goals pertaining to the Montessori Adult and the Montessori Environment
-Provides support for ensuring inclusion and equity practices are maintained

Curriculum Development, Supervision and Evaluation:
-In collaboration with staff, implements the school curriculum designed to establish an authentic Montessori environment.
-Implements suit of tools created by The National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS) and adopted by CRS
-Oversees the development and implementation of weekly lesson plan
-Ensures curricular alignment with state standards
-Coordinates curriculum development activities designed to produce a consistent learning experience from K through 8.
-Support guides in adaptation of the Montessori curriculum to meet the needs of each student.

Student Assessment and Monitoring:
-Responsible for developing and maintaining Community Roots School tool set, a comprehensive school-based cycle of student assessment that monitors individual progress using a series of steps:
Individual learning plans
Daily observation and recordings
Curriculum progress
Tracking sheets
Progress reports.
-Support timely and consistent use of the student online tracking system (Transparent Classroom.)
-Supports teachers in providing meaningful information to parents and others regarding student progress
-Supervises standardized testing, including test administration, data analysis, and related professional development
-Uses testing data to identify students with exceptionalities and coordinate interventions along with the SPED team as well as the general education faculty

Communications and Community Relations:
-Actively seeks feedback from staff, students and community members and responds in a timely manner.
-Develops communications that reflect and support management team decision in the implementation of school policies
-Collaborates with the Office Manager to keep the community informed about school activities through newsletters, news releases, and attendance at parent meetings
-Oversees the extensive professional development component during the teacher induction period.
-Assists teachers in developing rigorous and relevant lessons, and facilitates professional relationships among staff members focused on student learning.
-Collaborates with executive director to establish agenda for weekly staff meetings focused on professional development in areas of weakness as identified by student data or staff culture evaluation
-Implements professional development surrounding data-driven assessment and analysis.
-Develop and maintain a comprehensive database with information pertaining to recommended trainings for CRS’s faculty.

-Montessori Credentials, at a minimum of one program level
-MA/MS degree preferred,
-Prior experience analyzing student data
-Minimum 4 years Montessori teaching experience
-State license


Interested applicants please send a cover letter and resume to Christen Kelly