Elementary Guide for Homeschooling

School Location: NE Portland

We are seeking an elementary trained guide (AMI or AMS) to lead the education of a very small group of wonderful LE and UE children who can’t attend school this year due to medical reasons. Students are great learners who have been in Montessori most of their life, they are eager to start school and get back to a “normal” educational rhythm.

Although the setting is homeschooling, we are creating an independent space for a classroom with appropriate materials, an outdoor workspace, and an independent entrance. Special care has been placed on securing appropriate ventilation, easy access to hand washing, and other safety procedures. Depending on the educational model/hours you propose, we are open to just 3 days of classroom work with the children.

This position is ideal for someone thinking about retiring or reducing work hours.

Interested candidates, please email dani.ahumada@gmail.com including your resume and a short email describing why are you interested in this particular position.