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Primary Montessori Guide - McMinnville Montessori School


McMinnville, OR


Summer 2023




McMinnville Montessori is located 30 miles outside of Portland, in the beautiful Willamette Valley.  We have a lovely campus with two primary classrooms and one elementary house 1-6th grade.  McMinnville is a small, lovely community filled with wine and art.  It is a truly special place as is our beautiful school.

Our Lead Guide’s responsibilities include creating lesson plans and curricula focused on developing social, physical, intellectual, and emotional skills, assessing children’s individual needs, and communicating with parents as required. You should be able to create a nurturing, stimulating classroom where every child feels included and respected.

Entry Requirements:

- An AMI, AMS or MACTE accredited 3-6 degree in Montessori education
- Minimum of  one year of  lead teaching experience as a Montessori Guide
- AA/ Bachelor’s degree in Early Learning, Education or similar discipline is highly desirable
- Meet all standards for Head Teacher as dictated by ELD
- Ability to lift 50 pounds
- Ability to stoop, kneel, crouch, and and sit on the floor throughout the day


- Teach children in a manner consistent with Montessori philosophy and psychology for the primary age child
- Implement and update curriculum as student needs dictate
- Plan, prepare and maintain all units of study – including Montessori materials, thematic units, library books, etc

- Create and maintain an attractive and functional classroom environment
- Ensure that the environment is cleaned daily
- Maintain garden beds
- Cubby space kept clean and neat


- Facilitate a respectful environment for children and adults by advocating conflict resolution and Grace and Courtesy lessons
- Write monthly newsletters to parents about daily activities and educating them in Montessori philosophy
- Prepare for and schedule two Parent Teacher Conferences for each child
- Host at minimum two Parent Education events each year with a short presentation
- Manage a classroom budget and account for funds spent
- Adhere to  school discipline and code of conduct policies
- Foster a harmonious environment within the MMS community

Record keeping:

- Carefully observe and keep daily records on each student’s individual progression through the classroom.  
- Use Transparent Classroom for record keeping, conference forms and parent communication.
- Complete individual learning plans and conference forms for all students.  

Supervision of Classroom Assistants:  
- Establish a harmonious relationship with assistants
- Instruct assistants in Montessori philosophy
- Ensure assistants interactions with children are consistent with Montessori philosophy

We are looking for someone who finds joy in working with young children, and who wansts to foster a sense of wonder and independance in the classroom. 


If this sounds like you, please send your resume to Lisa Morse, Head of School:

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