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Montessori School of Beaverton Lower Elementary Teacher








The Montessori School of Beaverton (MSB) is seeking a dynamic Lower Elementary Teacher to join our team.  MSB is a private, non-profit school on 6-acres of land serving the Portland metro area for the past 47 years.  We are home to a thriving and vibrant community of dedicated staff and families invested in the education, development and nurturing of our 170 children, ages 3-12 years. Please visit to learn more about our school.



The Lower Elementary Teacher plays a pivotal role in our Elementary Program. Our elementary classrooms function as a team of two Lower Elementary classrooms with between 26 - 28 students, and one Upper Elementary classroom that fluctuates between 34 and 40+ students.  All MSB classrooms at any level have two Montessori-trained adults, one serving as the assistant and one in the role of the teacher.


Bachelor’s degree in any area; a Master’s degree preferred

Montessori Elementary-level diploma (AMI or AMS preferred)

A minimum of 3 years’ experience working in an elementary Montessori classroom

All MSB employees are required to register with the Central Background Registry and complete pertinent training within 30 days of hire.

Competencies Required

Flexibility and adaptability, with a positive and collaborative nature

Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

Key Job Responsibilities

Planning, Preparation, and Instruction

Model good citizenry by demonstrating respect and kindness for all in the community of students, peers, parents, and visitors.

Works in collaboration with the assistant and enlists their support by maintaining open communication regarding planning and implementing the curriculum, classroom management, and working in harmony with other program and school needs and responsibilities.

Is responsible for reading and adhering to the guidelines as established in the Employee Handbook, school policies and procedures, and is familiar with the guidelines as outlined in the Parent Handbook.

Maintains an attractive and orderly prepared environment, including materials, equipment, and furnishings.

Replaces worn materials and purchases new by managing a yearly classroom budget designated for this purpose.

Creates instruction that supports the development of the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical, growth of every child by following an AMI or AMS Montessori curriculum for children 6 – 9 years of age.

Participates in planning and implementing a 3-year rotation of camping destinations.

Includes student-generated Going-Out on a regular basis and has a relationship with chaperones and drivers; ensures that all volunteers are approved to serve in the role they are being asked to fill; provides materials for students to guide the process of Going Out.

Uses various assessment tools/strategies including observation, children’s work samples, record books, and portfolios to make instructional decisions for individual students.

Uses Transparent Classroom for record-keeping, lesson planning, attendance and more.

Classroom Management

Treats all children with unconditional positive regard and provides individualized care for their needs.

Creates an environment that demonstrates rapport, respect, and kindness for all students as well as between students.

Is responsible for the safety of the children left in their charge until dismissed to a responsible adult.

Assists students towards self-directed learning and independence.

Models and teaches conflict resolution and problem-solving strategies and works with students to create ground rules.

Promptly involves the Elementary Curriculum Coordinator (AHOS) and/or HOS with discipline concerns beyond typical classroom challenges.

Oversees the tracking of attendance and tardiness and reports daily to the office, and uses this information during conferences, if relevant.

Outlines the projected routine of the day, including any special activities, and ensures that a timely dismissal routine is incorporated prepared transition activities.

Withdraws periodically to observe students and records important points of interest for expansion later.

Works to maintain health and safety standards with illness, snack, lunch, handwashing, and bathroom use.


Welcomes observers, including prospective and current parents, and Montessori visitors.

Establishes positive relationships with parents and works with the AHOS/HOS to maintain regular communication with parents regarding their child’s specific needs and challenges.

Provides parent/teacher conferences twice a year to report child’s progress, challenges, and successes.

When needed, communicates with parents outside the timing of parent/teacher conferences; responds to parent concerns within 24 hours.

Seeks advice from AHOS and HOS when faced with challenging messages for parents or responses from parents.

Professional Development

Participates in professional activities designated by and/or approved by the HOS which may include workshops, curriculum focus, refresher courses.

Is involved in on-going self-assessment and refinement of practice in the classroom as well as collaborative professional growth.

Meets twice yearly with HOS to discuss strengths and challenges, and to determine what support is needed for the days ahead.

Attends level meetings, all staff meetings, planning meetings, and relevant parent information events.

Participates in activities designed to make the whole school a joyful and loving community.

Salary & Benefits

Job Type:   Full-time, school year position

Salary Range:  $60,458 - $62,901 based on experience


Retirement plan and employer match

Medical, dental, and vision insurance

Paid time off & holiday pay

Staff-dependent tuition assistance

Professional development & continuing education support


If you find this position intriguing and want to join our team, please send your resume and cover letter to No phone calls please. The position is open until filled.

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