Montessori Certified Directress
Bethany Village Montessori

Portland, OR

August 1, 2022


Job Responsibilities:

•Are accountable for the delivery of an authentic Montessori program.
•Supervise the classroom, helping the children to think creatively, to solve problems independently and respect themselves and others.
•Spark imagination, build self-esteem and help children discover new things each day.
•Guide children in self-motivated learning, helping stimulate their natural desire to learn.
•Are responsible for reporting challenges, successes and competencies of each student to the Director or to parents on a regular basis.
•Ensure the daily care of every child by following all licensing guidelines and implementing all company standards.
•Communicate directly with parents and prospective parents to achieve success for the child.

Job Requirements:

•Must be at least 18 years of age
•Montessori Certification
•Experience working in a licensed childcare facility, preferably a Montessori school
•Associate’s degree, AMS/AMI or a MACTE accredited training certificate
•The ability to meet state and/or accreditation requirements for education and experience
•Flexibility as to the hours and schedule of work
•High School diploma or equivalent
•Must meet state requirements for education and additional center/school requirements may apply