Susie Huston Award

For Excellence and Inspiration in Teaching

About the Award

The Susie Huston Memorial Award, a long-standing OMA tradition, is given each year to a Montessori educator in the OMA community who exemplifies excellence and inspiration in teaching. Susie Huston was a dedicated Montessori guide in the Corvallis community who died in a car accident in 1992.

Read Susie’s biography here.


Current Montessori teachers in the Pacific Northwest are eligible for the Susie Huston Memorial Award. While OMA membership is not a requirement, recipients will have contributed in some way to the larger Montessori community.


OMA seeks to recognize nominees who are passionate about Montessori, who demonstrate a deep understanding of the Montessori method, and have integrated theory and practice with grace. Consideration will be given to whether nominees have been nominated before and the diversity of nomination letters. We will also endeavor to recognize teachers from a diversity of schools that may or may not have received this recognition before. There are no requirements in terms of number of years in the classroom or training affiliation.

Nomination and Review Process

2019 Nomination process is OPEN (March 18th to April 19th)

To nominate yourself or another individual, please complete a Nomination Form and prepare at least three letters of support. Nominations from fellow teachers, administrators, parents, or students are accepted. Please fill out the form, even if you are nominating someone who has been nominated in years past. An external review committee of administrators and guides from local schools, and current OMA board members, will review all nominations.

Award Ceremony

The recipient of this award and the OMA Outstanding Dedication Award are honored at our Annual Spring Tea.  The recipient and their families, friends and colleagues are welcome and encouraged to attend this celebration, along with the Montessori Community.

The Susie Huston Memorial Award, a long-standing OMA tradition, is given each year to a Montessori educator who exemplifies excellence and inspiration in teaching. Recipients are nominated by their colleagues in the Montessori community.

Susie Huston Award Recipients:

  • Kristin McConnaughey 2018
  • Carrie Brown & Karen Kitchen

    Carrie Brown 2017

  • Sister Anne Clare Keeler 2016
  • SueAnn Brevig 2015
  • Michelle Becka 2014
  • Kim O’Hern 2013
  • Jennifer Lyons 2012
  • Nina Draper 2011
  • Anna Varnelius 2010
  • Shirley Harmon and Yvonne Silva 2009
  • Sarah Werner Andrews 2008
  • Kathleen Berry 2007
  • Lynn Rossing 2006
  • Annabeth Jensen 2005
  • Mary Ann Parker 2004
  • Lisa Schultz 2003
  • Betty Skundrick 2002
  • Gloria Weedin 2001
  • Sister Janet Siepker 2000
  • Elise Huneke Stone and David Ayer 1999
  • David Drakos 1998
  • Anne Blickenstaff 1997
  • Cathryn Kasper 1996
  • Ann Messick 1995
  • Ginni Sackett 1994
  • Maryann Barnhart 1993