Montessori in the Capitol

Each year OMA petitions our governor to declare a Montessori Education day to coincide with national Montessori Education week, February 24-March 2.
This year, we are emphasizing public Montessori and Montessori education as a continuum from infancy to adulthood, student ambassadors from Montessori Adolescent Communities will bring this message, lead by a team from the Community Roots School, a Montessori K-8 public charter in Silverton, Oregon.

Student Ambassadors will spend the day advocating for Montessori education face-to-face with legislators, observing the legislative session, and touring the capitol

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Oregon Montessori Education day 2019: February 25th

Proclamation Montessori Education Day 2019


Montessori in the Capitol – 2017

Montessori in the Capitol is organized by the Oregon Montessori Association with a local Montessori school to provide a model classroom in the Galleria of the Oregon State Capitol.  The date of the event coincides with Governor proclaimed Oregon Montessori Education Day during National Montessori week.  Our goal is to increase awareness of Montessori education and better serve the needs of Oregon children.  Montessori in the Capitol provides lawmakers, officials and the general public an opportunity to see Montessori education in action.


Images from our 2017 MIC event: