The Oregon Montessori Association is very active in advocating for Montessori Education Statewide.

To further our advocacy, we need your help and support.  “It Takes a Village!”  If you have an interest in working on Advocacy, please email or call 503-740-8773.  You may also contact our Advocacy chair, Stacey Russo at

Below are our current and ongoing projects:

AMI Articulation for 0-3 and 3-6 Diploma Holders

If you hold an AMI diploma for trainings for Assistance to Infancy or for Primary from an AMI recognized training center, which is in good standing with AMI, you can apply for and receive a step on the Oregon Registry step lattice.

Instructions on how to apply for a Step in the Oregon Registry.

Montessori in the Capitol

Every other year, a model classroom is displayed at the Oregon Capitol to promote Montessori education to our legislators and general public. Read more here.

Panel and Table Participation at the MetCo Chapter of OAEYC (4/2015)
View the Power Point about OMA’s work in collaboration with Quality Initiatives in Oregon.

Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS/Spark)

OMA is working directly with the ELD to insure Montessori education is considered in the revising of the  standards for the new Spark.  Members may access information to assist in creating their Portfolio on the Members Only page.


Below are links to documents that could be helpful in generating answers for some of the Portfolio questions for those of you who are choosing to participate in QRIS.


MACTE Accreditation with the Oregon Registry (complete)

Stacey Edwards Russo, Chair:
MACTE work done by Ingrid Anderson, Mercedes Castle, Stacey Edwards Russo, and Rebecca Pelton.  All AMS Teacher Training Centers are accredited by MACTE.

MACTE Accreditation Article.
Published with permission by Mercedes Castle.

Infant/Toddler Articulation
Early Childhood Articulation
Elementary Articulation
MACTE University Alignments

Native American Montessori Program Support

Carrie Brown, Lead

Began in the fall of 2014, this outreach work is supporting the re-institution of a public Montessori ECE program.  More details coming soon!

Click here for the video link for TEDTalk “Indian school whisperer: Dave Archambault, Sr. at TEDxBurnsvilleED”  This talk articulates why Montessori education is a great match for Native American education programs.

Teacher Licensing

Click HERE for more details.

Attendance & Connection through ELD Meetings


On-going committee work.

Research and Resource Links

“School Readiness in Children Attending Montessori-Style Preschools, May 2014 Forza Vitale!
Jennifer LaBounty, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR

“Latest Montessori Research, March 2012”

Montessori Public Polity Initiative

Oregon Laws and Statutes