OMA is a centralized resource promoting, empowering and advocating for professionals, families and all people interested in all levels of Montessori education.


Our Mission:

  • To improve understanding and cooperation among all Montessori practitioners regardless of Montessori affiliation. We are a non-partisan organization. 
  • To provide a voice at a national and state level that advocates for high fidelity implementation of Montessori Education. 
  • To further our understanding of children and their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs by offering high quality professional development opportunities. 
  • To support and sustain the mental and emotional well being of educators through our advocacy and policy work.
  • To develop greater public understanding of and support for the Montessori philosophy and method in collaboration with other organizations and agencies dedicated to the well-being of children.

Our Commitment:

OMA recognizes that biases are inherent in our daily lives on a global scale. These biases are not only related to racial and ethnic backgrounds but include gender expression, sexual orientation, family structures, cognitive or physical abilities, socio-economic class, religion, culture, and language. We recognize that every person, adult and child alike, will experience both privilege and oppression. We seek to engage our community in annual training to better understand and dismantle our personal biases and privileges. OMA is dedicated to Anti-Bias/Anti-Racism (ABAR) work and acknowledges this process must be consistent, persistent, and constant indefinitely. 

To commit inner peace  to promote stewardship, the symbiotic relationship with Nature, and protection of the essential resources that sustain us as a long-term commitment for all children

Professional Development

The OMA offers a series of workshops throughout the year for guides, assistants and administrators. These workshops are a chance to deepen our member’s practice in the classroom while providing opportunities for connection. Our Assistant’s Workshops, offered the week before the school year begins, is an annual favorite.  Find out about our upcoming workshops and plan to join us!


Through our website, our monthly e-mailed news bulletin, and locally written monthly Forza Vitale! articles, we keep our members connected and updated on the latest happenings in the Montessori community.

Each year we host our Spring Tea, a celebratory gathering to honor exemplary Montessorians in our community and to welcome new graduates of Montessori training programs in the area.

The OMA is also in the process of strengthening our ties with other regional child advocacy groups and Montessori Associations, in particular, our sister group in Washington, the Pacific Northwest Montessori Association.  www.pnma.org/

Community Outreach

OMA promotes the welfare of children by helping to develop greater public understanding and support of child development, which is the essence of Montessori philosophy and methods. Our member volunteers offer presentations on child development that can be shared with the general public in places such as public libraries and community centers. For more information contact us.


The Oregon Montessori Association, founded in 1978 by Nancy Hildick and Susan Erceg, brings together all those interested in the Montessori process––parents, and educators. From the beginning, OMA’s vision has been to be an umbrella organization, maintaining a policy of inclusiveness and respect for the diversity of Montessori training available in the United States.

For over thirty years the OMA has served the needs of Montessori guides, administrators, assistants and families, directly contributing to the strength and vitality of Oregon and Southwest Washington’s Montessori community. OMA actively seeks ways to continue to serve its members and increase the vital presence of Montessori education in the Pacific Northwest through our workshops, lectures, e-mail newsletters, community outreach, strategic relationships and more.