A New Identity for OMA

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The Oregon Montessori Association was founded almost four decades ago. We are one of
the largest and strongest state organizations for Montessori Education in the country, and our work
and community continues to be an inspiration for others. While getting ready for an important
birthday coming up next year, we wanted our image to connect more with the energy and work
that children bring every day to their classrooms across Oregon and Southern Washington.

Some of you may remember the “OMA Little Man” who proudly welcomed the first School
Directories and Forza Vitale. In the late 90’s we moved towards something that would reflect our
connection with nature. A hand-painted white trillium was reminiscent of the forests surrounding
us and the purity of those flowers accompanying springtime walks.

Our design goal was to better match our image with our values and the final recipients we
serve: the children. We worked with Elena Cronin, a local designer who embraces simple beauty,
appreciates children and is now connected to Montessori Education. We shared with her the story
of Maria Montessori, the reasons behind our commitment to the educational method as well as the
logic behind the materials and lessons. We invited her to tour a school, where she had the
opportunity to observe our work with all ages, as well as interact with materials. At the end of the
process, we invited her to borrow Montessori’s Psychogeometry and waited for her own creative
process to bear fruit.

We wanted something smart and friendly, crisp yet approachable. An image to reflect our professionalism as well as our playfulness. After a few iterations we believe we found the imagery and symbolism that connects to different classroom areas and lessons across all ages.

We hope you enjoy this new look and feel as much as we do! Keep connected with us as we continue to try and better serve our members and the children, families, and communities they serve.

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